In the introduction to his famous prophecies Nostradamus writes that these were “divinations for the period from now until the year 3797. Many artists say, on the basis of this proposition, the Nostradamus prophecies were events to the year 3797 AD . Describe Is this true, or here is a symbolism misunderstood?

The following article gives Armin Risi – based on Nostradamus own designs – a plausible explanation for the 3797th number This suggests that Nostradamus (1503-1566) foresaw something that is much closer than the year 3797!

Conflicting future scenarios
The wrong interpretation of a Nostradamus-3797-defender
Where the number is 3797?
Chronological periods
Why 3797?
Interpretation of 3797
The encryption methods of Nostradamus
Prophecies of a new age
The end of the prophecies
Peace 500 years after Nostradamus?

Conflicting future scenarios

Is the world from destruction, or before a transition? Some artists (not prophets) say, humanity will destroy in the next two millennia even, or at least can no longer live on Earth. Behind this prophecy was – Nostradamus! He had even called the last date: 3797 AD

This interpretation ignores the most important direct conflict with statements of Nostradamus and many other prophecies that announce in the near future a serious upheaval in the world situation and civilization – especially Nostradamus!

The wrong interpretation of a Nostradamus-3797-defender

Nostradamus predicted a world of change for our times, or end of the world for the year 3797? While Nostradamus himself clearly points to the first, there are performers who represent the latter. It is with much controversy, the scenario of imminent change and transformation ridiculed – with the note, Nostradamus was not so stupid to make predictions until the year 3797, when under would go around the year 2000 the world. Thus the world break scenario a doomsday prophecy is assumed, a claim that both distorted the testimony of this scenario as well as the statements of Nostradamus.

At the same time claimed that the “leading expert” I can now crack with leading-edge computing “decoding” the Nostradamus code. This now allow “the unique assignment of each verse to a prophecy given year … The result is a sensation!”

This unambiguous and definitive decoding, so you can learn then, have the following future scenario brought to light: come after the year 2000 to a third world war. There then followed a centuries-long domination of Islam. Science (genetic engineering) would succeed to eliminate in the next few centuries diseases such as cancer and AIDS and growing old. After many phases of war and ceasefire, gene abuses and religious turmoil, it will happen during the fourth millennium, that the sun is extinguished and that the human race (no later than 3797) the inhospitable become planets would have to leave earth to a new planet to colonize or continue living on a space station! That is what Nostradamus actually said, in yet understood Renaissance encrypted codes.

Says Nostradamus really predicted that humanity their political and religious confusion still can maintain for more than a millennium? Says he predicted that the pharmaceutical industry to survive and win great victories over cancer, AIDS and aging?

If these allegations would agree, it would be the final revelation of the Bible and thousands of other prophetic and media references to the impending transformation of the earth is a mistake, if not a fraud.

Today, however, can already make the Final Judgement: The decryption sensational said are false, misleading and even ridiculous! They distort the overall message of Nostradamus by a misguided from the start statement pattern, resulting in a double error:

(1) The actual prophecies of Nostradamus are lost.
(2) The Nostradamus false statements were put in the mouth.

Did Nostradamus really predict, cancer and AIDS would be overcome by genetic engineering and pharmaceutical agents? Does he really think that the 3rd go on the millennium in the usual style, with a temporary dominance of the United States and Islam over the centuries? Does he really think that there will be no break and no transformation will?

The following “sensational” prophecies, published in 1993 and 1995 on the basis of the “finally cracked” Nostradamus Code speaks for itself:

Nostradamus himself writes, however, that his prophecies reach into the ten centuries until 3797th … And in the period 3743-3797 (as long as only apply to Nostradamus’ own words, his predictions about world history) is probably – if we correctly interpret the previous texts – the end of the human colonization of this planet Earth … ”

“1995: Mammoth process … blow to the Mafia”
“In 1995 … The Pope is ordained, if we put our correlation and time Accounts, made in June or July.”

For 1998, Nostradamus is predicting a black vice-president for the U.S., new race riots between black and white, a nuclear accident in Lyon and the second marriage of Prince Charles have! (The time of writing, interpretation, 1995, Prince Charles was divorced Unfortunately, the Nostradamus miss with this interpretation, the major event of 1997. Princess Diana’s tragic death did not inform the prophecy for 1997, but the alleged Nostradamus hints! “In 1997, the wealth of the oceans will be so exploited that they must ration the fish is fresh fish and in Europe more expensive?‍“

“1993: The Year of the evil … Chemical war in or around Israel. Escalation of problems in the Middle East. ”

“1994: A year of change … The war in the Middle East continues, after Israel has violated the Islamic hard …”

“1995: The Year of the Church … A new pope is elected, who comes from Milan. In Milan, is also an important court hearing … ”

“1996: The Year of the weapons … a new spiritual leader makes the situation in the Middle East very dangerous …”

“1997: The Year of the stars … Three groups of warships to form a sea battle. The second part of the verse points to a very successful new space expedition. The ‘chosen ones’ are the astronauts. ”

“1998: The Year of the rays: Nostradamus warns here of a major nuclear disaster in Lyon …”

“1999: Year of the resignation … the end of the Soviet central power …”

“2000: The Year of the super power … the United States build its dominance further that they can hold a total of 300 years …”

“2038: The Year of the Church. A new pope is elected … ”

“2043: The Year of the boom. The world economy is booming … ”

“2045: The year of medicine. Medicinal plants for the first time successfully cloned ‘a institutions … ”

“… In 2260 when 100 years later ruled by the Pope from a space station …”

“In 2700 people living in vast, up to 100 square kilometers in the large residential towers that rise up high to five kilometers.”

The back of the book cited above text asks us: “The result [of this new decoding by computer] is a sensation! … Read the newly discovered predictions until the year 3797 and check for accuracy even …“

This is what we have here, done with the authorization given on the cover of the publisher,!

Where the number is 3797?

“I have organized prophetic books, each containing one hundred astronomical calculated prophetic quatrains. This I have deliberately kept a little dark. It is ongoing / still valid divinations (sont perpetual vaticinations) For the period from now until the year 3797th – Nostradamus (1555)

The year 3797 is one of the most controversial passages of Nostradamus. Did he actually say that this date represents the end of mankind on earth?

No. First, Nostradamus says that the number 3797 indicates that only the outermost limit of its time prophecies (and not the end of the world), and secondly as Nostradamus’ own statements indicate that this figure does not calendar sense, but symbolic is to be understood.

Let us examine first of all, where does this only mention of the number 3797th

The famous prophecy of Nostradamus book is divided into two halves. Each half consists of a foreword by Nostradamus, followed by the prophecies (in the form of hard to understand verses). The preface to the first part is the prologue to his son Caesar (signed on 1 March 1555), and the preface to the second part is the Epistle to Henry II, the then King of France, from 1558.

During the four-line verses called prophecy ( Quatrains) Are encrypted differently, contain the two prefaces unencrypted statements with which Nostradamus sums up the general scenario of his visions. Any interpretation must therefore meet these personal observations of Nostradamus.

The number 3797 Nostradamus mentioned in only one point in his work, namely, in the preface to the first part of his prophecies (see above quote). In the actual prophecies appears that number will never stop.

Chronological periods

What Nostradamus says with the number 3797, which he mentioned in the first preface, is apparent when one consults the second preface. This preface explains Nostradamus the “most Christian king of France,” as he spoke to Henry the Second, the basis of his chronological calculations, in strict accordance with the chronology of the Old Testament. Nostradamus, which dealt secretly with banned many arts and sciences and a Jewish family originally came from, had to appear to the outside always pronounced Catholic, in order not to fall victim to the Inquisition.

This preface Nostradamus divided the Old Testament chronology in different periods of time and says that the first period (l’espace de temps de nos premiers) Lasted 1242 years from Adam to Noah.

“The first man, Adam, about 1242 years ago lived Noah. … Around 1080 years after Noah and the global flood came Abraham. ”

Because Nostradamus has calculated those numbers themselves, in the same preface, he mentions a second biblical chronology with other numbers that come from the calculations of certain church fathers, which Nostradamus but without put it directly contradicts. In the symbolism of numbers, understandably, he attacks back on his own calculations.

Furthermore, Nostradamus also mentions a future thousand-year era of peace, based on the one thousand years, in the biblical “Revelation” are mentioned. (Revelation 20.6: “The Angel tied the dragon for a thousand years …”)

The number for 1000 has Nostradamus obviously a symbolic significance, as well as the number 1242nd This symbolizes an era of decadence, which lasts until the earth is cleansed by a natural disaster. (In the biblical example covers this period of decadence Adams expulsion from Paradise, Cain’s fratricide, the “sons of God” for the daughters of men – and then the flood-disaster).

Nostradamus saw something similar in his own time: a decadent ending to a great revolution and then move into a new golden age is symbolized by the number 1000

Why 3797?

Nostradamus published the first part of his prophecy in 1555. This year is a remarkable constellation of numerology, Nostradamus, and it stands out clearly at the end of his preface, by the date 1 Signed in March 1555. This preface emphasizes Nostradamus, his prophecies that both the presence (indicated by the number 1555) as well as the entire period of decadence to the large circulation include.

This becomes clear when you add up the symbolic number of flood era (1242) with the then year: 1555 + 1242 = 2797th

Because Nostradamus want to point out that he has in his prophecies already included the following golden age, one has the number 2797 also add the symbolic 1000. And there we have the ominous number 3797!

Nostradamus does not own this account in the second preface. He leaves it to appear to the attention of artists, because at least he has in his first preface, which appeared three years earlier, published the result in advance. But unfortunately, most performers, missed by the “leading”, this simple calculation.

Interpretation of 3797

That the numbers are 1242 and 3797 meant only symbolic, is indisputably clear from the complete works of Nostradamus. He mentioned the number 3797 and never in his prophecies are no indications that the revolution taking place in 1242 calendar years after 1555, so in 2797th He also never claimed that the new era would last 1000 calendar years. Nor is the 3797 calendar year 3797 AD

Nostradamus does not say so, that the world or humanity in the year 3797 AD will come to an end. Rather, he has – as the following quotations will show – many times clearly indicate the end of the second millennium. This will be the time of the great break!

With the number 3797 (1555 + 1242 + 1000) Nostradamus just want to say that it describes a crucial stage of humanity, which is characterized by a great revolution, comparable to the biblical flood. This is followed by a golden age that will not last forever, however, only a “long time”. (Nostradamus mentions not a number!) Then come back, according to Nostradamus, a time of conflict. These distant past of the new sedition indicated Nostradamus on only a shadow and does not discuss it in detail.

Nostradamus predicted the world is no doom, but not an eternal paradise on earth.

The encryption methods of Nostradamus

“The shame of the times but, most gracious King, makes it necessary to reveal their hidden events, at best, in mysterious language, which has no single meaning and a single statement, which does not mean that an equivocal or ambiguous calculation has been added . ‘- Nostradamus (1558)

The book, Nostradamus became famous for the words, Les Centuries Vray et de Maistre Michel Nostradamus Propheties (“The true centuries and prophecies of Michel Nostradamus master”) and was published as a complete work in 1568, so only after his death, in the present form today.

Nostradamus prophecies based mainly on his nightly trance visions he wrote down in prose, first chronologically and then checked the basis of astronomical calculations. He then wrote the quatrain encrypted and burned the originals formulated prose to get at any house searches is not the Inquisition authorities in an embarrassing situation. The question of how far and in what form the Quatrains (Quatrains) are written in chronological order, can not be easily answered. In any case, they do not follow a superficial chronology, and it is also doubtful whether Nostradamus had his visions in chronological order.

If, for example, II.6 in that “near the two ports in two cities / two horrors are done, how their peers have never seen …” we now recognize in these lines once the two atomic bombs that were dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Before 1945, this verse was completely incomprehensible. If the quatrains in chronological order, would the previous verses of the Second World War, Hitler, Mussolini, etc. Describe. But these verses are found scattered in other places.

In addition to this basic system Nostradamus used a whole arsenal of additional coding methods. In some places it is expressed openly and directly mentions the names: Pasteur (I.25), and Franco Rivera (IX.16). But mostly, he describes people without the name, so only someone who knows the person knows who they are. For example, Nostradamus describes a person named “Hister”, the “Beasts wild with hunger,” (II.24) and cites “the Republic angry” (V.29: D’Hister … faschee la republique). Today it is obvious that with this “Hister” is meant Hitler, who came from a village near the Danube (Ister).

The verse contains a V.29 phonetic appeal that is easily recognizable today: … La republique faschee. Nearly four hundred years before the Second World War, Nostradamus foresaw fascism and it even mentioned by name, and yet with a typical German spelling (faschee instead of fâchée).

Prophecies of a new age

Nostradamus was famous during his lifetime for his gift of prophecy, for he also made many short-term predictions, which turned out to be true soon. The same accuracy can also be found in the “prophecies”. Examples of this are the names mentioned, of Pasteur, Franco and Hitler (Hister) or the establishment of the State of Israel (III.97): “power of a new law, occupies a new country / In Syria, Judea and Palestine.”

Nostradamus was able to not only the events but also the date foreseen. In the second preface he writes: “I could call for each quatrain the exact date, but that [dating], much less their interpretation would be comfortable for any …”

As for the date falls on in Nostradamus that for the end of the 20th Century, the predictions are accumulating. Nostradamus has described apparently in the middle of the millennium, particularly the end of the millennium. In the first preface, he writes:

“Now [mid 16th Century], we are under the reign of the moon. Thanks to its total power of the eternal God will follow the sun, even before the moon ended its run perfectly. This is followed by Saturn. If its decline under the laws of heaven, the dominion of Saturn, is approaching the world – as calculated – a time-changing revolution (anaragonique une revolution).“

The constellation is said Saturn since the early nineties of the 20th Century occurred! According to Old Testament chronology of the impending millennium belongs to the seventh millennium after Adam. For the same time Nostradamus says in the terminal ahead of the previous quote major disasters and upheavals. “Then it will accomplish anything.” “Then” – that is, according to Nostradamus our near future:

“[The disasters described] will repeat itself if we are in the 7th Millennium are. Then complete everything. As we approach the eighth millennium, will end the great God the great upheaval. The celestial images will return to their normal motion and higher movement that makes our planet stable and firm, you should not be turned away for ever ‘, but only until his will is to be met. So it will happen and not otherwise. ”

Here Nostradamus tells its own non-encrypted words, the earth will shake again after the cosmic “stable” and his “solid”. “So will it happen and not otherwise.” There is no question therefore of a planet uninhabitable in terms of the predicted number and year of 3797 AD

In the Epistle to King Henry II, Nostradamus outlined the same scenario again and goes a step further:

“I start with the current time … and look far beyond that up to the event, which [according to careful calculations, at the beginning of the seventh millennium, that is, at the beginning of the 21st Century] is held. … Then [after recent turmoil and persecution] shall take place between God and men, a universal peace. (une paix universal).“

The end of the prophecies

Also in the encrypted-verse Nostradamus prophecy has unequivocally point to the turn of the millennium, with the date he tells often on the basis of star constellations. His most famous prediction calls even the year and month:

“In 1999 and seven months
When the great king of terror from the sky come down … ”
(X.72: L’an mil neuf sept mois neuf CENS Nonant …)

The seventh month, according to the Julian calendar, August. Over 440 years into the future into Nostradamus mentioned the August 1999, held in the great solar eclipse is.

Nostradamus says in his explanation may also have upcoming events that weakened, repealed or at least postponed. That is quite possible, indeed Nostradamus in his Centuries has indicated that his prophecies will be fulfilled at some point and even obsolete. When?

“Twenty years of the reign of the moon are gone,
If at the beginning of the seventh millennium, another takes up the rule,
When the sun has its dark days.
Then my prophecy will meet and surpass
(Lors … accomplir et mine ma prophecy). “(I.48)

Nostradamus again called the upcoming millennium, even in triple emphasis: the beginning of the seventh millennium / the dark days of the Sun (1999) about the time of the twenty-year reign of the moon, that is, Islam (Khomeini took power in 1979, Iran).

The predetermined fate, including prophecies can be modified or superseded, but only if people learn from their mistakes and corrected consistently.

The largest part of Nostradamus’ prophecies is about wars and disasters. The above verse belongs to the smaller selection of verses, which contain a hopeful statement. Is now before the time when the prophecies of Nostradamus have all met or will be overdue?

Also the Mayan calendar predicts for the near future a big break that will bring even a change of space-time structure with it. The Mayan calendar called Tzolkin begins in 3113 BC (Just before Kali Yuga-start) and lasted thirteen Baktun-period = 144,000 days. This amounts to some 5125 years, a cycle that will end in 2012. Similar ancient prophecies now quickly enter the Hopi Indians.

Peace 500 years after Nostradamus?

Nostradamus lived in the middle of the second millennium that is now ending. As the above quotations have shown saw this mysterious French astrologer not advance for a year 3797 big changes, but for the upcoming millennium and the subsequent near future. Then, five hundred years after his time, there would be at once great clarity. This is the prophecy Nostradamus III.94 in his verse:

“After five hundred years to give meaning
He, who was the ornament of his age;
Then, it / he be at once great clarity,
So that it / he will make it through this century, very happy. ”

If peace and reason will return to earth, this must happen in the immediate future, because only then can the sword of self-destruction that hovers over the whole of humanity today, be defused in time. It is therefore not surprising that Nostradamus wrote many verses on the need for religious renewal. These positive poems are not dated, but now, five centuries after Nostradamus, they can be dated easily: In the past five centuries, they have not been fulfilled, and if they do not meet in the present, the predicted change will come too late.

So, these positive verses (the above selection is by no means complete) belong to the present day. Our presence is crucial, because the future of the entire planet is dependent on it.